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The ideal starting point for creative audio engineering is transparent, uncolored sound. All Yamaha mixers are built on that philosophy, with the goal of allowing engineers to capture the on-stage sound accurately, without coloration, and then adding creative touches as required. The merits of unwavering adherence to this concept by Yamaha are evident throughout the RIVAGE PM series.

The foundation is Hybrid Microphone Preamplifiers with analog input stages that take the Yamaha “natural sound” concept to new heights, as well as digital sections with immaculate VCM-technology models of Rupert Neve Designs transformer and SILK processing circuitry that offer outstanding musicality and atmosphere. Add the latest refinements in channel EQ and dynamics, and you have extraordinary creative scope.

The built-in plug-ins that support creative sound engineering have also evolved, many through close alliances with other manufacturers that are leaders in their respective fields. Collaboration with RND (Rupert Neve Designs) and the use of Yamaha VCM technology has resulted in flawless recreations of prized equalizers and compressors from the 70s and 80s. There are also impeccable models of Eventide harmonizer and reverb effects that could only have been created through cooperation with the original manufacturer.

All of this has been implemented in the RIVAGE PM series to give engineers the tools they need to deliver the highest quality, most musical sound possible.


Updated Send Operation (RIVAGE PM5/3)

Setting up sends is an important part of just about any live mixing workflow. In addition to the familiar Sends on Fader function, send levels can be controlled from the Send / User Defined Knobs. Send levels shown on the display panels where they can also be adjusted via touch control. This expanded range of control choices greatly enhances convenience and versatility when setting up and tweaking sends.


Easy-reach Layout and Improved Sight Line

RIVAGE PM console are designed with touch panel displays and Selected Channel section on a prominently raised upper panel that offers optimum visibility from the engineer’s position as well as easy access to all controls. This evolved console design also provides a closer connection to the performers on stage with improved sight lines that give the engineer a broader, more comprehensive view of the action.


High-visibility Fader Meters (RIVAGE PM5)

Clear visual feedback is also provided by the meters associated with each fader. The fader meters can display mono or stereo levels, or gain reduction when you want to keep an eye on channel dynamics. The fader meters can contribute to smooth, accurate control by providing direct feedback of how fader operation is affecting the signal.


Lightweight for Easy Setup and Transportation (RIVAGE PM5/3)

Although it offers heavy-duty performance and features, plus a comfortably spacious interface, the RIVAGE PM5/3 weighs surprisingly little. The CS-R5 weighs 92.6 pounds/ 42 kilograms and CS-R3 weighs 83.8 pounds/ 38 kilograms and can be easily carried and positioned by just two people. This impressive weight reduction has been achieved through state-of-the-art mechanical design and the use of a lightweight but extremely durable material.

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