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The dispersion characteristic of subwoofers might cause low-frequency interference and uncontrolled reflection, especially in venues of unfavourable acoustical conditions like large indoor stadiums and concert halls. The B-215 DIFF beam shaping subwoofer is the right solution.

The B-215 DIFF, part of AXYS family of Duran Beam Shaping subwoofers, is the world’s first programmable "differential" loudspeaker. It can compensate the lack of low frequency response in common speakers, and enrich the sound quality with more low-end punch and power.

The unit comprises of two 15" drivers, one facing forward and the other facing backward. The sound is extraordinary when used together with the powerful on board DSP and Duran’s Bean Shaping subwoofer technology. Users can select one of various radiation patterns. 

The AXYS range of Beam Shaping Subwoofers are designed to be totally versatile, scalable and easy to use. Those who invest in the technology can achieve maximum control for the minimum of investment. One day you could use a huge array of subwoofers to control the low end at a large arena or stadium gig and the next day you could use one unit on its own in a simple conference set-up or three units combined in a hyper cardioid set up in a theatre or concert hall. Or simply use a single unit as a conventional subwoofer.