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Easy operation and a diverse range of features for the expert or casual user.

The V-40HD is equipped with four input systems. Each of these systems has three types of input connectors - HDMI, RGB/ Component and Composite - allowing you to connect a total of twelve video devices. For ouput, the V-40HD provides three systems: Output 1 (HDMI/ RGB/ Component/ Composite), Output 2 (HDMI/ RGB/ Component) and Preview (HDMI).

  • 4 Channels (12 Inputs - 4 x HDMI, RGB/ Component, Composite),
  • 3 Outputs (HDMI/ RGB/ Component/ Composite + HDMI/ RGB/ Component + HDMI)
  • 4:4:4/10-bit Internal Processing (*4:2:2/8-bit Output Processing)
  • 1 M/E (PinP) + DSK
  • Built-in frame synchronizers and scalers on all inputs
  • Input status LEDs
  • Full HDCP support
  • Preview monitor output (Four-way split screen for Inputs, PST, PGM, or DSK)
  • Audio embedding
  • Audio delay to align the timing with video for perfect lip sync

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