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The VXC/VXS series ceiling/surface mount speakers are developed to address a demand in the installation market for superb music reproduction as well as crystal clear announcements for public address systems. Cabinets are built tough to meet the demands of a wide variety of commercial environments and designed with optimized bass-flex tuning to offer a firm, tight low-end.

Both series features an internal transformer that allows both high and low-impendence drive with just a single speaker simply by switching the tap on the baffle/rear of speaker. The speaker grills on VXC series and grills/bodies/brackets on VXS series are also paintable to enhance or match the color of your décor.  

VXC series Ceiling Speaker

VXC ceiling speakers offers three different woofer sizes for different venues and comes with Anti-Drop tab that allows them to be mounted temporarily in the ceiling, freeing your hands for better safety and ease of installation and secondary safety. An attached flexible carrying band also makes speakers very portable, allowing you to carry multiple speakers at once safely. Double-threaded screws are used to improve efficiency of mounting processing allowing faster installations. 

VXS series Surface Mount Speaker

VXS surface mount speakers features two full-range models and two subwoofers for a variety of applications. Full-range models offer IP35-rated protection of low pressure water jets from any direction and dust resistant. VXS series come with a dedicated bracket for safe, trouble-free installation. Speakers can be mounted temporarily, freeing your hands to adjust mounting angles. The bracket base allows VXS series speakers to be mounted on both walls and ceilings without the need to prepare a different set of brackets. 

VXC / VXS Speaker