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Yamaha MTX series matrix processor is the heart of your sound solution, designed primarily for small to mid-sized multi-zone commercial installations. With programmable features which automatically locate and eliminate acoustic feedback, maintaining a constant level when input signals vary, attenuating the background music volume when an announcement is made or increasing the volume when background noise is too high.

MTX processors allow you to configure, program, and manage your entire sound solution via the intuitive interface of the accompanying MTX Editor software application. It offers flexible controller options with touch panel controllers such as AMX/Crestron or by using DCP wall mount digital controllers. Volume and presets of multi-zones can also be controlled wirelessly with iOS/Android devices by using the Wireless DCP app.

The MTX series provide a simple, reliable, and worry-free solution for variety of solutions such as retail stores, restaurants/bars and banquet rooms. 

MTX series