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SRM is still one of the most recognized speakers today. The all-new 10” SRM350 and 12” SRM450 are now offering improved power, sound quality and flexible tools of any gig. New 1000W SRM350 & SRM450 improve sound quality to more open and natural than any other portable loudspeaker. It is perfect for high-output applications.

They feature Mackie HD Audio Processing and modern tools like the speaker mode selection for application-specific voicing, performers can choose between four application-specific speaker modes to sound the best. Besides, the built-in automatic feedback destroyer that eliminates unwanted feedback would optimize your performance in just seconds. And with the integrated 2-channel mixer with input-friendly Wide-Z™ inputs, performer can easily mix multiple sources. Only the Mackie SRM delivers unmatched balance of power and sound quality in such a lightweight, portable package. 

SRM Series 1000W HD Powered Speakers