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The al-8 Compact Line Array System picks up where the al-4 Subcompact Line Array System leaves off. The al-8 utilizes VUE’s most advanced technologies to extract exceptional performance from its compact design. Cutting-edge technologies such as beryllium compression drivers, Kevlar/Neo transducers, precision amplification and DSP, onboard SystemVUE networking, and full compatibility with the VUEPoint beam steering technology.

The innovative VUEPoint steerable technology allows system optimization, bringing the power of beam forming to the highly-scalable al-8 and deliver unprecedented performance to a broad range of mid-sized sound reinforcement applications.

Key Features

  • Each al-8 Compact Line Array System includes four al-8 Acoustic Elements and a single V6 Systems Engine
  • Scalable by adding or removing al-8 acoustic elements or combining multiple al-8 blocks
  • Onboard SystemVUE networking
  • Fully compatible with VUEPoint beam steering technology
  • Integrated flying hardware allows quick assembly of arrays of up to 16 elements per flybar

Beryllium’s near perfect pistonic motion results from its extremely high stiffness-to-mass ratio, dramatically reducing mechanical deformation (breakup) and shifting resonant frequencies outside the audible range.

Beryllium resonance is 2.6 Times Higher than titanium or aluminium of the same size as shown by this plot of machined tuning forks exactly the same dimensions.


al-8 Line Array System