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The new MRmk3 product line of monitors expands upon the original MRmk2 line by not only adding new features but by also adding a 6.5” full-range monitor option and MR10Smk3 studio subwoofer option.

A newly-designed minimum-diffraction waveguide not only provides seamless transition from highs to lows, but also creates a wider sweet spot and an open feel that better connects the user to the music. The power amplifiers and transducers are also custom-matched for increased performance. All MRmk3 cabinets are rear ported, providing added punch and bass extension and packed with acoustic absorption material for the tight sound you expect from a professional studio monitor.

The low-profile enclosure of MR10Smk3 powered subwoofer provides smooth, even bass and features vibration-absorbing rubber feet to minimize unwanted resonances. It is perfectly matched to MRmk3 studio monitors to enrich a full range mix.

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MRmk3 series Studio Monitors