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VLZ4 series

Mackie VLZ4 product line features its flagship Onyx mic premps and delivers high-headroom/low-noise design with rugged steel construction. Other than VLZ3 series, the new series have newly designed interface and available with the following models,

402VLZ4 (4-channel),

802VLZ4 (8-channel),

1202VLZ4 (12-channel),

1402VLZ4 (14-channel),

1642VLZ4 (16-channel),

1604VLZ4 (16-channel),

2404VLZ4 (24-channel) and

3204VLZ4 (32-channel). 

VLZ4 captures key technologies on broadcast-quality performance of the mixers. For maximum signal integrity, from every input to every output, VLZ4 is designed for the highest headroom and lowest noise possible. Plus, features like a solid steel wraparound chassis and grime-resistant sealed rotary pots ensure that VLZ4 is “Built-Like-A-Tank” and more than ready for the road.

VLZ4 Series Analog Mixing Consoles