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From transducers, enclosures and electronics, every element of h-Class loudspeakers was optimized to deliver exceptional frequency response, clarity and SPL. h-Class includes h-12, h-15, h-12W & h-12N loudspeakers and hs-25, hs-28 subwoofers. 

At the heart of every h-Class full-range system, there is a beryllium-based compression driver with pure Truextent® beryllium. Beryllium delivers better sonic performance than both aluminum and titanium thanks to an extremely high stiffness-to-mass ratio, which dramatically reduces mechanical deformation, and shifts resonant frequencies above the audible range. The net result is a more defined high frequency output at higher SPLs than more conventional materials.

Beryllium’s near perfect pistonic motion results from its extremely high stiffness-to-mass ratio, dramatically reducing mechanical deformation (breakup) and shifting resonant frequencies outside the audible range.

Beryllium resonance is 2.6 Times Higher than titanium or aluminium of the same size as shown by this plot of machined tuning forks exactly the same dimensions.


h-Class Full Range Loudspeaker System