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Yamaha joins Tom Lee Engineering for product seminar (ProAudio-Central)

Published at ProAudio-Central

HONG KONG: Yamaha and Tom Lee Engineering recently held a product seminar for the CL and QL Series digital mixing consoles and Commercial Installation Solutions. Taking place at the Tom Lee Engineering office in Hong Kong and open to members of the public, attendees were joined by Andy Cooper, manager of Yamaha PA application engineering – UK, Hiroshi Shimizu from the Yamaha Headquarters Technical Marketing Group – Japan, and Shuji Kudo, marketing manager and chief engineer from the pro audio department in Shanghai.

Commercial Installation Solutions introduced the Yamaha CISSCA application, a software calculator for speaker layouts in installed applications. Also introduced was the MTX series processors that provide a ‘mixing desk in a box’, as well as XMV series amps, VXS/VXC speakers and MA2030/PA2030 mixer/power amps.

A presentation for the CL and QL mixers outlined the various benefits of the desk to users. The CL series is designed for mid-to-large scale live sound and touring applications while the smaller QL series carries the same features in a more compact footprint. The desks provide sonic upgrades over previous generations through features such as the Premium Rack and Dugan Automixer. Mr Cooper presented a live demo of the Premium Rack by adjusting the EQ for a live recording of an electric guitar and a compressor for live recording of drums. HS-5 powered studio monitors and DXR-8 active loudspeakers were connected to the CL/QL consoles to simulate both studio and live environments.

At the end of the seminar, attendees were encouraged to try out the consoles to get familiar with their features and figure out which is best suited to their application. According to Tom Lee, ‘the session was very informative and offered users of different groups a great deal of understanding with the Centralogic mixing interface as well as different solutions for commercial installation’.

‘There were plenty of good and thoughtful questions from the young students as well as the guys that have been professional engineers for a while,’ concluded Mr Cooper. ‘I'm very pleased to see a lot of people interested both in our products, the quality of their sound systems and the desire to improve their knowledge. I look forward to coming back again.’