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Sunset Concert 2015

The “Sunset Concert”, has been running for over 20 years, is an annual music event organized by students from the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA). Numbers of local musicians / bands have been invited to perform on the stage of “Sunset Concert” over the years. The Academy students take charge of the overall production of the event, applying knowledge of stage technology, stage design, lighting and audio effects to the performance, pushing the entire event to a professional level.

The “Sunset Concert 2015” held on 13 June at HK Jockey Club Amphitheatre HKAPA has come to a successful closure. The concert venue was packed with audience, some of them even gathered in front of the stage and enjoyed the music. Guest performers of the night includes: THE FAT JOCKERS, SilHungMo, GDJYB and also Subyub Lee. They brought along different types of performance to audience, showing the diversity of Hong Kong music and also the power and uniqueness of local musicians.

Tom Lee Engineering strongly believe that the annual “Sunset Concert” is a good opportunity for HKAPA students to accumulate practical experience, which would be a benefit for the industry and also their future career. Therefore, Tom Lee Engineering decided to support the “Sunset Concert” in the aspect of pro-audio equipment. With the use of professional audio system, the performance was delivered with clean and powerful sound. High-quality sound performance combining with all kinds of stage effects designed by the Academy students, marked an unforgettable night for everybody.

Migu, student from APA - "Tom Lee Engineering’s generous support is a great value to the Sunset Concert 2015. Engineering sponsored us the audio equipments; it help us to achieve, to supply a clean and undistorted sound to the audience. And letting our student have more chance to operate with a ground stack line array and subwoofer array in a concert, which is an invaluable experience for our studies. It leads us to provided a well sound system to entertain the audience. Not only satisfied our study also helping the audience having an unforgettable night."