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Kill The Silence Festival 2015 reported by Pro Audio-Central

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Mackie DL32R provides mixing freedom at Kill The Silence 2015

HONG KONG: Taking place at the Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity in Hong Kong, the annual Kill the Silence festival was sponsored and supported by Tom Lee Engineering for the third year running. This year, however, the decision was made to deploy Mackie’s DL32R wireless mixer, providing FOH engineer ‘Kampo’ with a new perspective on the event.

The festival brought together a number of international artists to perform on two opposing stages set up in the main venue, with headline performances from Japanese groups Hijokaidan and Hatsune Kaidan. The aim of the event was to ‘challenge conventional music and break the barrier between the experimental and the mainstream’.

The Band Stage featured Mackie HD series loudspeakers for reinforcement, with Mackie SRM450s used for stage monitoring. The DL32R mixer handled both front of house and monitor mixes from separate iPads, with a third iPad used as a dedicated meter bridge.

‘My overall experience with Mackie’s DL32R was positive – it’s reliable and the DSP inside is quite powerful and offers more headroom than I expected. Additionally, it’s capable of running on Dante,’ explained FOH engineer Kampo. ‘The learning curve is also gradual. As most students nowadays are already familiar with the iPad, they should be able to pick one up and learn how to use it almost right away. Although it lacks physical fader controls, the excellent price/performance ratio makes up for it.’

The second stage, the Projection Stage, featured a pair of Mackie SRM650 speakers on either side, pole mounted on top of SRM1850 subwoofers. An additional pair of Mackie HD1801 subwoofers was placed in the centre, while SRM450v3 speakers were used as front fills and for monitoring on stage. A Mackie 1604VLZ analogue mixer was used for mixing this stage.

A screening area was also setup outside to showcase a variety of independent movies. A pair of Mackie DLM12 speakers pole mounted on top of DLM12S subwoofers were placed on each side of the projector screen and connected to a Mackie 1402VLZ analogue mixer.

‘This event exploded with flavours and the sound was loud, crisp and stereo imaging was impressive even when listening from close to the stage,’ enthused Tom Lee Engineering marketing executive, Alan Suen. ‘The wireless freedom of the DL32R allowed the sound engineer to squeeze in with the audience to get a perfect mix, faithfully reproducing what is played on stage and allowing the performers to convey their true emotions to the audience. It was definitely an eye opening experience.’

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