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Kill The Silence 2015

Transforming the educating space at Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity into a multi-stage music sanctuary for individuals looking to challenge conventional music and seek new ways to express themselves. Kill the Silence festival brought together some of the most extraordinary and passionate artists around the world, from Asia to Europe it brings diversity to the music and performance art scene in Hong Kong. Dennis Wong, organizer of this event also performed with his bands Underture and After Doom on both days.

For its third year running, the annual Kill the Silence festival was sponsored by Tom Lee Engineering and we shook things up Mackie loudspeakers along with the DL32R wireless mixer. Prior to the festival a free giveaway contest was held to gain exposure of both experimental music scene as well as Mackie products.

One of the winner: LAM Wood

Two opposing main performing stages were setup in the main venue allowing audience for front and back enjoyment. Band stage features Mackie HD series speakers with the new DL32R digital wireless mixer as both front of house and monitor mix. Front of house sound engineer connected three iPads to DL32R unit with one dedicated as Meter Bridge.

Headliners include the veteran noise band Hijokaidan, and Hatsune Kaidan, a crossover of noise music and female fronted anime singer in the style of J-pop was featured to break the barrier between experimental and mainstream music. The wireless freedom of DL32R allows sound engineer to squeeze in the audience to get a perfect mix, faithfully reproduced what is played on stage and allow performers to convey their true emotions to audience.

Over at the projection stage features a comprehensive lineup of SRM series speakers. SRM650 was used for front of house and SRM450v3 used as front fills. The powerful SRM1850 were utilized to reproduce chest pounding bass. The new SRM450v3 series received a major upgrade to 1000w system power and on-board processing. In combination with the projected visual representation, it really shows off the sheer power and imaging of the SRM system.

The screening area outside introduce variety types of independent movies and utilized the compact DLM series Mackie speakers.

This event exploded with flavors and the sound was loud, crisp and stereo imaging was impressive even when listening from close to the stage. It was definitely an eye opening experience and audience were mesmerized and blown away from the performances.

Kampo (FOH Sound Engineer): “My overall experience with Mackie DL32R is positive, it’s reliable and the DSP inside is quite powerful as it offers more headroom than I expected. In addition it’s capable of running on Dante network! The learning curve is gradual, as most students nowadays are already familiar with the iPad, they should be able to pick one up and learn how to use it almost right away. Although it lacks physical fader controls, the excellent price/performance ratio makes up for it.”


Product Highlight:
Digital Mixing Console Mackie DL32R                
Loudspeaker Mackie SRM650
Loudspeaker Mackie SRM450v3
Loudspeaker Mackie HD1221
Loudspeaker Mackie DLM12
Subwoofer Mackie SRM1850
Subwoofer Mackie DLM12S