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My Rocker Classmate Music Gig 2015

My Rocker Classmate is a two-day gig held annually featuring local indie bands to encourage students learn more about Hong Kong’s underground music scene and allows APA students for by more hand-on experience on live events.

Tom Lee Engineering sponsored the music equipment along with Lewitt MTP440DM microphones and Mackie DL32R wireless digital mixer. Guitar/bass cabinets were placed in the back separated from amp head to ensure a better mix for front of house and a cleaner looking stage. The exceptionally versatile cardioid pattern Lewitt MTP440DM microphones were used for micing the cabinets in the back. It was built to easily withstand high sound pressure levels and offers plenty of headroom before feedback.

Mackie DL32R on the other hand was used as sub-mix for the drums. With wireless connectivity, it allows the operator to stand anywhere in the venue and control everything with an iPad. This allows the operator to get a better feel of what the mix sounds like both from the monitoring position as well as from the audience. It also minimalize the cable used as the rack can be placed anywhere. Another successful year with great performance from the bands and valuable experience for APA students. Hopefully through this event can enrich the underground music scene for local students and have more room for subculture diversity in Hong Kong.


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Digital Mixing Console Mackie DL32R