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Street Music Series@Comix Home Base

Following by success from the last Street Music Series at Comix Home Base, the event organizers were very pleased with the result and decided to do a second round with a smaller PA system.

For this time around we chose a pair of Pan Beam PB08 active digitally steerable speakers by Pan Acoustics along with a single JBL B-215 DIFF subwoofer to fill up the venue with music without causing noise disturbance to the neighbourhood.

Pan Beam products provide problem for speech and music broadcast, even in the most difficult of surroundings. By using electronic DSP control with a personal computer, it eliminates the need to physically adjust the loudspeaker system itself and accomplish high volume output in large audience areas with near to constant, extremely flexible and exact signal alignment. The PB08 is also extremely lightweight and can be installed in no time at all.

JBL AXYS B-215 DIFF dual 15” subwoofer is the world’s first programmable “differential” loudspeaker. It features two 15” low frequency transducer with one forward facing and one rear facing to produce a cardioid effect. When used in conjunction with WinControl, software dedicated for AXYS series it enables coherent, intelligible sound to be delivered to the areas where it’s required.

For fold back, we used myMix personal mixer and musicians were able to hear their personalized mix through in-ear monitors to ensure sound only travel towards the audience area.

This event turned out great and we have successfully downsized and simplified the entire PA system while still able to steer the sound directing only at the audience area without causing noise disturbance to the neighbourhood.


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Loudspeaker Pan Beam PB08
Subwoofer JBL AXYS B-215 DIFF
Digital Mixing Console Yamaha DM1000VCM
Personal Mixer myMix