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JBL Intellivox & AXYS Product Training Seminar

Harman China has recently invited Tom Lee Engineering staffs to attend a nationwide product training seminar on JBL Intellivox and AXYS series held in Shenzhen. This is the first technical seminar held since Harman International has acquired Duran Audio and integrated it with the existing JBL Professional line-up.

Attendees include dealers, sound engineers and consulting & design firms from China whom were joined by Chief Engineer Dr. Evert Start and Sales Director Mr. Nick Screen from Duran Audio. This seminar focused on the technical aspects as well as different applications with the JBL Intellivox and AXYS series.

Nick kick started the seminar with a brief introduction of highlighted products, technology behind them as well as their applications. The JBL Intellivox series was first developed for delivering clear and intelligible speech in highly reverberant space. The original DDC (Digital Directivity Control, applied in Intellivox-DC range) allows the beam to be digitally steered by adjusting the opening angle and focal distance. This is perfectly suitable for audience area which is flat such as airports, places of worship and shopping malls. In events where the audience area isn’t flat (have staircase), multiple beams will be required with DDC. With the new DDS (Digital Directivity Synthesis) “Beam Shaping” technology (applied in Intellivox -DS(X) range), the beam shape is fully adjustable thus allowing us to apply it in more difficult areas such as theater and arenas where the audience may not necessary be flat but speech intelligibility is important.

AXYS Target series DDS driven line arrays, on the other hand is suitable for more musical applications indoor where noise pollution is a concern. With the AXYS Target system setup, music could be played loudly inside with minimal noise bleed outside to the neighbourhood.

A live demonstration was setup to showcase this powerful technology with Intellivox DC280, DSX180, as well as the new hexagon shaped IntelliDisc-DS90 – world’s first digitally controlled, two dimensional loudspeaker array. AXYS Target U-16 line array and its bigger brother T-2820 along with B215DIFF beam shaping subwoofer were also showcased where attendees could feel and experience the directivity of B-215DIFF subwoofer by walking around it.

After the demo, Dr. Evert and Nick showed us how to setup an Intellivox/AXYS system from scratch using a combination of SketchUp, DDA (Digital Directivity Analysis) and WinControl software. The training seminar ended with a Q&A session where participants were given a satisfactory answer. Attendees from different backgrounds were all able to benefit from this informative training seminar and ended with high degree of recognition and praise.