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myMix - Chochukmo Rehearsal

Local band Chochukmo was invited to try out the myMix personal monitoring system. After experimenting with myMix, band members were impressed and commented on the system. Jan Curious on vocal really like the feature for independent tone control for each channel so that he could adjust the treble and bass according to his own taste for each instrument. He also enjoy using the on-board recording feature on the SD card and using myMix as a standalone unit so he will be able to practice even on vacations away from his band members.

Guitarist Les Hunter commented that in live situations scrolling through the channels is slightly inconvenient to make quick on-the-fly adjustments during a song so changes are usually make in between songs. Jan Curious suggested that by incorporating touchscreen with future generations of myMix can solve this issue. Bassist Waiting Soul like the catchy appearance and clean interface of myMix and Kitty Trouble on drums enjoyed using it as it is very user friendly and easy to control.