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myMix - Supper Moment Rehearsal

Local Cantopop band Supper Moment was invited to experiment with the myMix personal monitoring system. They used the first generation myMix system in the past and are familiar with how the system works. After doing some experimenting of their own they are impressed with the features this current myMix system has to offer.

Lead guitarist Martin stated the current myMix system sounds clearer compare with previous generation especially in mid and high frequency range. Sunny, vocalist and guitarist like it’s user friendly interface and clear display of different channels. Tat the drummer like its ability to adjust effect and tone for individual channels. He appreciates the fact he can monitor the mix clearly with in-ear monitors and pan instruments according to taste. Bassist CK enjoy using the multi-track recording feature, not only he can now use the play along feature for silent practicing anytime at anywhere he could also take the SD card with him and easily import the recorded tracks onto computer for remixing.