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 1  Indoor Velodrome-cum-Sports Centre     
 2  “The Traviata Story” in The Link Popup Opera     
 3  New Building of Heung Yee Kuk      
 4  Butterfly Bay Community Centre     
 5  Sai Ying Pun Community Hall     
 6  Vietnam National Stadium (Hanoi)     

Magnificent stadiums are built with domes, glass walls and ample seats thanks to modern design concepts and advanced construction technologies. The design of theatres is comparable too. These design features, however, create complicated acoustic problems. Vibration, reflection and reverberance lead to high noise level, poor speech intelligibility and uneven coverage, all of which pose a great challenge to sound system designers.

While absorptive and insulating materials can be applied to solve the problems, a digital sound reinforcement system controlling the coverage, dispersion and distance is the most effective in enhancing the audio quality.