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The sound reinforcement system used in hotels has to meet the four requirements:

1. Versatility
It can cater for different functions including conferences, performances, banquets, talks, etc.

2. Flexibility
It can be adjusted according to clients’ needs, like the merging and segregation of areas as well as the change of position of the main stage.

3. Simplicity 
The system should be simple to operate, which can minimise mistakes. 

4. Reliability
The system can provide perfect sound reinforcement effect under all circumstances.

Sound reinforcement systems are not only required in ballrooms, but also in conference rooms, multi-function rooms, the lobby lounge, etc. The systems installed in these areas have to cater for special needs. For instance, the system for the lobby lounge has to reproduce vibrant and dynamic music with even coverage while other neighbouring areas remain undisturbed. Modern digitally controlled speakers with adjustable directivity pattern are the perfect solution.