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Rock Angel Band House

Hong Kong is one of the most busy and densely populated cities in the world, land is scarce and many people work around the clock just to pay off housing and rent. For young aspiring musicians, most of their passion burns out after stepping into the society as time and space for practicing are very limited. Opportunity to perform is also an issue as there are not many venues for small-scale performances. Many have resort to renting units in industrial building and turned them into studios, underground performance venues or private rehearsal space.

However since the Hong Kong Government has targeted industrial areas in the city for a large-scale commercial overhaul, rent for such districts has raised exponentially. Once again, finding an affordable place for practice and perform becomes a challenge.

Angel Leung (aka Rock Angel) setup her own band house in Fo Tan where aspiring musicians can practice and have the opportunity to perform at a minimal rate. The purpose of this non-profit band house is to promote the indie band sound culture and arts through band performance and creativity.

Tom Lee Engineering took part in this project by providing a simple Mackie solution for the audio system. Front of house console features the flagship Onyx preamp equipped 32-channel 3204VLZ4 analog mixer, pushing a set of Mackie SRM650 1600W active loudspeakers with 18” SRM1850 powered subwoofer to deliver chest-pounding performance with plenty of headroom to spare.

Four Mackie SRM450v2 were used as stage monitors, the SRM450v2 surpasses the performance of the original SRM450 to deliver pure studio monitor sound at more powerful, full-on loudspeaker levels. This comprehensive Mackie SRM system shook up Rock Angel’s band house with raw energy for music lovers.


Interview from Angel, - “I find the Tom Lee team really put their heart into band sound related activities and this is what sticks out from others. After this project is completed, Tom Lee team came voluntarily to ensure everything is sounding the way they should. We had an open training session of mixing console for musicians and they came to helped us out with that as well.

Nowadays it’s very difficult to make a living out of music in Hong Kong because everything have become so commercialized. My idea of this project is to promote band culture by providing a stress free environment for local musicians where it’s affordable and also a platform for them to perform on.”


Product Highlight:
Loudspeaker Mackie - SRM Series 1000W HD Powered Speakers
Loudspeaker & Subwoofer Mackie - SRM Series1600W Powered Loudspeakers
Analog Mixing Console Mackie - VLZ4 Series Analog Mixing Consoles
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