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Chinese Restaurant (TsimShaTsui)

How would it be possible to bring out the stunning sea view of Victoria Habour if a restaurant is lack of pleasant music?

The famous chain Chinese restaurant, located at TsimShaTsui, owns an open-air lounge that enables customers to enjoy the dazzling views of Victoria Harbour, however, there was not any quality music to enhance the atmosphere. In order to create a relaxing environment for customers and to satisfy the needs of wedding events, the restaurant decided to install speaker systems for the open-air lounge.

Our sound engineers recommended One Systems 106IM/Marine loudspeakers of the Direct-weather Marine and Oceanfront Series to the restaurant. The loudspeakers, specially designed for oceanfront applications, can resist strong wind and rain and to prevent breezes with high corrosive salt. Yet, it can deliver clear sound for the venue and enable customers enjoying their time.

With the use of 316 grade stainless steel design, the 106IM/Marine loudspeakers can prevent against pitting and crevice corrosion and can extend years of useful life. In addition, our sound engineers deployed white speakers to the open-air lounge in order to match with the overall appearance of the venue.

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