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Installation with Mackie reviewed by ProAudio-Central

Published at ProAudio-Central

HONG KONG: In line with its student development programme, Tuen Mun Catholic Secondary School in Hong Kong’s Kin Sang Estate has upgraded its auditorium with a new sound system. Tom Lee Engineering was drafted in to provide installation services, and after considering the school’s versatile range of applications, opted to deploy Mackie equipment throughout.

The school is no stranger to change, having consistently undertaken educational and structural developments throughout its 27-year history. The old audio system was no longer up to the task of covering the auditorium effectively. After removal, it was replaced with two hangs of three Mackie HDA 12-inch arrayable loudspeakers, attached to the wall on either side of the stage. The cabinets produce 1,200W peak power, and their 110- x 20-degrees coverage pattern was, according to Tom Lee’s sound engineer, ‘powerful enough to fill up the hall with consistent and clear sound’.

This was further enhanced with the addition of a Mackie HD1801 subwoofer, hidden out of view around the side of the stage, and connected to a 32-channel Mackie 3204-VLZ4 mixing console to allow the setup to cater for both speech and musical sound reinforcement applications.