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"Concert in the Dark" event reported by Pro Audio-Central

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Tom Lee Engineering adds new dimension to 'Concert In The Dark' - See more at:
Tom Lee Engineering adds new dimension to 'Concert In The Dark'

A special music concert held recently for visually impaired people at the Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre was supported with an audio infrastructure from Tom Lee Engineering. The annual Concert In The Dark features no lighting setup or visual effects of any kind, relying instead purely upon music preformed live in complete darkness inside the hall.

Organised by Dialogue Experience, an advocacy group for anti-discrimination towards visually impaired people, the concert featured big names in Cantopop from Hong Kong and China. The goal was not only to provide a rewarding experience for visually impaired people, but also to allow the audience ‘to put themselves in the shoes of a person with an impairment and understand how they interact with the world’.

 ‘This was a great challenge for the sound system as the audience becomes more sensitive to sound when sitting in the dark,’ commented Antony Pang, CEO of Dialogue Experience. ‘We are honoured that Tom Lee supported the concert with its professional equipment. Even though there are no pyrotechnic effects, glamorous costumes or a physical stage, this doesn’t mean that we lower our requirements. In fact, we needed to use a lot of demanding audio devices to achieve the best sound quality.’

Tom Lee Engineering decided to deploy a surround sound system to ‘enhance the perception of sound spatialisation’ at this year’s outing. A number of Apogee AE-5 box speakers were rigged above the audience along with JBL Axys Target B-125 DIFF cardioid subwoofers. Peecker Sound PSUT series column array speakers and subwoofers were set up as front fills to ensure even coverage and a Yamaha CL-5 digital console was deployed for the front of house mix.

According to Tom Lee Engineering product specialist Alan Suen, ‘in a pitch black environment, the audience got a good sense of where different sound elements were originating from with great depth and texture through the creative panning of the surround sound setup. It drew a closer connection between the audience and performer with an unforgettable experience for everybody.’