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Tom Lee Engineering ensures disturbance free concert in Hong Kong

Published at ProAudio-Central

HONG KONG: Tom Lee Engineering has supplied audio equipment for use at a rare outdoor concert in Hong Kong. Taking place at the Comix Home Base in Hong Kong, the venue is subject to strict noise regulations. Tom Lee therefore opted for a sound system built around JBL’s narrow dispersion Target loudspeaker system. The Target employs Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) to digitally control the speaker’s dispersion characteristics.

Hong Kong Arts Centre worked in conjunction with Comix Home Base and Kung Music Workshop to organise the Street Music Series event. Taking place in the Comix Home Base outdoor patio, Kong, the event organiser, was keen to prevent disturbances that have interrupted past events. ‘We have been hosting outdoor music events in Hong Kong for over five years now and have had a lot of problems with noise complaints in the past,’ he explained. ‘This makes it very difficult to host an outdoor music festival, however this event turned out to be very successful without disturbing the neighbourhood.’

The sound system deployed consisted of six JBL Target U-16 loudspeakers paired with four B-215 dual 15-inch differential beam-shaping subwoofers on either side of the stage. Combined with dedicated software, the installers were able to adjust the directivity of the arrays to minimise reflections and contain sound within a defined area. The result was a drop in average SPL of 10dB between the back section audience area and the open hallway of residential area directly behind the stage. Mixing for the event was handled by a Yamaha DM1000 48-input digital mixing desk.

The musicians’ instruments were connected through Radial J48 DI boxes to provide a clean feed directly to myMix personal mixers. The mixers allowed the musicians to create on-the-fly personalised monitoring mixes as well as record live sessions on to microSD cards.

‘myMix is great as between songs instead of getting the sound man’s attention you can adjust it to whatever level you want by yourself,’ explained members of Sun Eskimos who performed at the concert.

This event was reportedly a great success, succeeding in its aims of hosting an outdoor live performance without disturbing the neighbours. The organisers now hope that it could form the beginnings of a new platform for young musicians to connect as well as a medium to expose different genres of music to the general public in Hong Kong.