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Sound solution of the Ritz Carlton ballroom reported by Pro Audio Asia

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CHINA: Tom Lee Engineering recently deployed an Axys and Lobo sound reinforcement solution for a gala event held in Hong Kong’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

The diamond ballroom was packed with 450 guests, and to tame the reverberation caused by a combination of reflective glazed pillars, chandeliers and mirror walls, Tom Lee Engineering’s sound engineer deployed two Axys Intellivox DS808 steerable speakers on the screen aside of the stage with a B-215 differential cardioid bass subwoofer. Meanwhile, eight Lobo PL288 line array speakers with PLSW subwoofers were placed at different corners of the ballroom as side-fills.

‘We opted for a pair of unobtrusive self-powered Intellivox DS808 in lieu of a combination of numerous speakers for full coverage in the large ballroom,’ said Pinky Chow, promotions and advertising executive, Tom Lee Engineering. ‘They aesthetically blended into the surroundings and the entire sound system design strategically controlled the directivity of sound waves within the designated distance. The beam shaping aimed the sound to an optimal position and avoided reverberations from reflective surfaces.

‘The accurate low frequency response produced by the B-215 Diff subwoofers catered the needs of band’s performance, whilst the rear of the array was cancelled out for the sake of the live band players,’ she added.

In addition, a bi-dimensional Peecker Sound modular double array loudspeaker was centrally positioned on the ceiling to concentrate the sound dispersion effectively onto the small dance floor. ‘Whilst participants were immersed in the music, the adjacent audience were kept away from the interference and were able to carry on with their conversations in the seating area,’ Ms Chow explained.

‘Aside from audio deployment, impressive visual effects came from a series of rack-mounted dazzling lighting that matched the stage design and decor, making the gala dinner a night to remember,’ Ms Chow concluded.