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Yeah Show 2015 reported by Pro Audio-Central

Published at ProAudio-Central

Aviom A360s keep musicians in tune at Yeah Show 2015

A large-scale religious stand-up comedy show taking place recently at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre was supported with an audio infrastructure from Tom Lee Engineering. On-stage musicians performing at Yeah Show 2015 were each treated to Aviom personal mixers to allow them to customise their individual mixes to accommodate sound spillage from the large on-stage choir section.

The main sound system setup deployed for the event comprised 24 Apogee ALA-9 line arrays speakers at FOH. Additional VUE al-8 line array elements were used as side fills, while VUE al-4s were placed beside the stage for front fills. According to the installers, ‘the beryllium transducers inside the VUE systems reproduce higher frequencies faithfully, which complemented the warm mids and depth of the ALA-9s nicely’.

Two Yamaha CL5 digital consoles connected via Dante with multiple Rio stage boxes provided both the front of house and monitor mixes.

‘As there is also a choir section to play with the band, the sound produced on stage can easily become congested for the musicians,’ recalled Tom Lee Engineering marketing executive Alan Suen. ‘To overcome this, we have provided each musician with an Aviom A360 personal mixer that allows them to customise their own mix according to their flavour. On top of that, with stereo pan they can position each instrument exactly where they want it to be, even if it’s a stereo signal. This is something its predecessor, the A16, was not able to do. This feature comes in handy for a large group such as this to give musicians great positioning even with in-ear monitors on. There is a built-in ambient mic built into the A360, allowing musicians to blend some room into their mix as well, if desired.’

In addition to the audio setup, Tom Lee lighting engineers used Martin Mac Viper Profile and Wash fixtures to ‘set a light mood’ through the venue and accentuate the performance.